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{ Style } Sparkle, Shine & Stories for 2017


Ah yes, a new year….

There’s something about the “new year” that always makes me feel a bit strange. It’s like, I love the idea of a fresh start (who doesn’t, right?), but I don’t really buy into it all. Keep reading to find out what I wore this New Years, how easy it is to incorporate sparkle & shine into your wardrobe AND why I'm ditching stuff for stories in 2017!SaveSaveSave Read the rest of entry »

{ Style } The Perfect NYE Slipdress with JD Williams


There is nothing I love more than a shiny, sequin, standout dress. Except, of course, if said dress is inspired by the classic (yes, classic) 1995 film Clueless! I mean... AS IF I wouldn't style this with the film in mind! Keep reading for all the deets on this super sassy silver slipdress from JD Williams plus some of my tips on NYE dressing!

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{ Style } Polka Dot Party


Fashion is cyclical. It’s a statement we see, hear and read all the time and it holds truth. There is beauty in that, don’t you think? To know that a garment or certain trend or style will come back around, and that when it does it will likely hold some sort of emotion or memory. It’s like magic, and it’s one of my favorite things about fashion! Keep reading to find out what happened when I slipped on a dress and was transported back to grade school all because of polka dots! Yes, polka dots!

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{ Style } Classic Chic Style with JD Williams


Someone recently asked me how I would define my personal style....."Classic, Chic with a Touch of Trend", I blurted out.

It didn't take long for me to conjure up an answer because as I've gotten older, my understanding of my style personality becomes more and more definite. While my style continues to evolve ever so slightly, it is my love for classic, chic, timeless style that doesn't waver.  Keep reading to find out how I embraced my classic, chic style personality with JD Williams and their style tribes! 

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{ Travel } Montana Glamping with Catherines Plus Sizes


"What was your favorite part of the trip", Kellie asked, as we all sat enjoying our final candle-lit farm to table meal......

I didn't have to think about it. Honestly, I didn't. Because in the last 3 days I had the chance to disconnect with my everyday and re-connect with myself. Sharing it, of course, with incredible people made it all the more enjoyable. But, truthfully, my answer didn't require much thought. I looked up at the table of women I had gotten to know so well and said "aside from being able to spend this time with each of you, it was being able to fully immerse myself in such beauty. It's really powerful when you have the chance to appreciate how big this world really is, and I'm grateful for that". And I was.  Keep reading to find out all the detail of my glamping experience courtesy of Catherines Plus Sizes! Save

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{ Style } Denim X Denim


Here's the thing- I LOVE being dressed. I love everything about it. The process, the dressing, the selection, and the feeling when you look in the mirror and are head to toe put together - it's just something that resonates with me, it's my favorite sport- the sport of "dressing". But for some reason when I go "casual" it becomes this easy grab & go that has no rhyme or reason to it. Keep reading to find out how I made a pact with myself.. and found a chic denim on denim ensemble in the midst of it all!

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{ Travel } NYC Staycation with Catherine's Plus Sizes


I'm a born and raised New Yorker. A native to this concrete jungle, if you will, and as such it is my duty to know and embrace all things NYC, right? Wrong. In fact, it's usually us "native NY'ers" that forget how great our city is in the first place! It's cliche, but we get caught up in the hustle & bustle of our everyday lives that we forget to take a minute to appreciate our hometown. Which is why when Catherine's invited me on a NYC Staycation, I gladly accepted the invite. Two days of fun and excitement in my own backyard, and what better way to fall back in love with my city than with an incredible group of friends by my side! 

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