Cannes 2011: Rachel McAdams' Style

Cannes is the most glamorous film festival in the world. Year after year starts flock to the glamorous & sexy South of France to celebrate their work, and more importantly, strut their style for the world to see. Celebs hit every angle from red carpet stunners to laid back resort wear looks, and I love every second of it! With the festival lasting from May 11th- 22nd, there is almost too much style to cover- just kidding! I will be doing my best to give you the best, the worst, and the honorable mentions of the Cannes Film Festival 2011. ##

20 Summer Dresses Under $50

I recently had a friend of mine ask for some help in finding a "cute, summery dress" for a big event she has coming up. The event isn't formal, it isn't anything glitzy but it is a HUGE deal, and so for her to reach out to me not only made me feel special and honored, but obviously sent me into an immediate search for tons of options for her, thus resulting in this blog. So here ya go Lyn, my top picks... happy shopping! ##
Met Gala: Worst Dressed
My apologies for my tardiness w/ this blog; sometimes they sit in the "drafts" and I forget about them, such is life! In any event, with every fabulously dressed celebrity comes one who just never thought to look twice in that mirror! With some of these ladies even consulting their stylists, they still fall on my worst dressed list. Ladies- maybe you should give me a call for the next red carpet!

Photo Credit: EOnline

Limelight on: Mittmi by Danittza

As you all know, I find solace in bringing new designers and their collections to your attention. I have been loving Danittza Zimic’s classic and sexy designs for a while. A Miami-based designer who knows how to accentuate a woman's body and bring out her sex appeal with a simple garment, Danittza’s designs are sold in over a 100 boutiques world-wide and growing. Her motto is “Empowering Women One Dress at a Time.” Here are my top picks to have you sizzling this summer.... are you feeling empowered? Read on and I bet you will be heading over to make your purchases...##

Met Gala: Best Dressed
Its one of the most wonderful times of the year! The Met Gala Ball is an extraordinary event hosted by Fashion royal, Anna Wintour. This year, Hollywood's hottest stars turned out to celebrate the late designer Alexander McQueen at the 2011 Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala in NYC on Monday. Where there is a red carpet, there is couture, glamour and glitz. Here are my picks for best dressed at the 2011 Met Gala

Pippa, Pippa, Pippa!
What's that saying? Behind every gorgeous bride is... an equally gorgeous sister! Pippa Middleton is a young socialite/entrepreneur and now sister to a royal and what kind of gal would she be if she didn't have poise and style, just like her sister!

Royal Wedding; Best Dressed Guests
What is a royal wedding without fabulous & impeccably dressed guests to add some flair to it all. As I watched this morning (with my jumbo cup of coffee in hand) I couldn't jot down my notes on best dressed fast enough. Here are my top picks for Prince William & Princess Catherine's best dressed guests...

Royal Wedding; A Dream in McQueen!
The waiting nearly killed me, but this morning when I watched Kate Middleton go from a commoner to a princess in a Sarah Burton of House of McQueen designed gown, I knew it was worth the wait....

Little Lime Bump; Maternity Swimwear
In an effort to serve those stylish limettes who are rocking the "bump" this season, I have decided to create a new series of blogs called Little Lime Bump, or LLB is you will! The LLB series will cover everything from maternity swimwear to the best nursing bras and everything in between! And what kind of plus size specialist would I be if I didn't devote blogs to my full figured moms-to-be, so expect LLB to do some Plus Size Maternity as well! Have suggestions for a blog? Want me to cover something specific? Have I styled you and you want to be featured? Lets do it! LLB is setting out to bring the best of fashion to the bump-bearing divas and I hope you like it!

LLB brings you my top ten picks for Maternity Swimwear..

Matthew Williamson for Macy's

When designers decide to do a collection for a major retailer, like Macy's, I always get that nervous/excited feeling. Is it going to be so amazing that my Amex is going to stop swiping, or is it going to be a collection that lost its allure while being transformed for the middle class, fashion loving masses? So when I checked out the Matthew Williamson for Macy's collection this morning I wasn't sure what I was going to expect (I had seen sneak peek photos previously but wanted to embrace the entire collection on its launch date like the rest of the world). All I have to say is; my Amex is exhausted!


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