Chic in Chiffon: 10 pieces you'll love for spring!
Be Chic in Chiffon

With spring poking its head in and out, it seemed the perfect time to focus on a blog on one of the hottest categories this season, chiffon! It graced the runways, it is in every store and now I give you my top ten picks for every Limette. From maxi dresses to scarfs, there is something for everyone. Enjoy...

Victoria Secret Hires a Curvier Model.. (Um- not really..)

Photo: NY Magazine, The Cut

I rarely get controversial or political, or even stir up a debate with this blog but today I have no choice. I found myself reading an article in NY Mag's The Cut about new Victoria Secret model Kate Upton and had a hard time understanding what the company and the public are trying to say....

Limelight on: New Louboutins

All Images,

I may have a serious shopping addiction, a love/hate relationship with my AMEX and a love of shoes that borders unhealthy, but I know when to draw the line. So here is my review of the new, fabulous, divine & absolutely amazing Louboutins .. all of which I CANNOT afford and unfortunately will not own this season.

Unless of course someone wants to buy me a pair.. in which case.. who am I to deny you of paying it forward in the form of red-sole happiness??

One Store, 3 Affordable Full Figured Looks...

I have to say I used to be much more enthusiastic about Forever 21+ line (back when they first started and were still referred to as Faith 21) but had seen that the line was becoming more "hit or miss" then a go-to purchase site/line. Well, once again a retailer has proven my skeptic attitude wrong and put me in my stylish little place! Forever 21+ is back with some on-trend, flirty, full figured fab pieces! Probably enough to inspire more than one Forever plus blog (readers beware.. more to come!) but for now I give you my foolproof equation...

One Store + 3 Affordable Full Figured Looks = One happy girl :) 
All items are from Forever 21 +
Spruce up your look w/ a Scarf..

We all know accessories can make or break a look, not to mention it is such an easy way to add some pizazz to your day! This morning I was tweeting and was inspired by a response from our friends at LA PURSE , a great online boutique, to write a little blog on some on-trend scarfs that can add instant style to your look. I browsed a few sites and quickly came up w/ these five picks...

Love em or Leave em??
Let us know on a scale of one to five, how many limes would you rate these easy to rock accessories?...

Limelight on: Evans UK Sale
SALE -- SALE -- SALE ....  I can't help myself when I see these words! So this afternoon when I received my email notification from Evans UK, I immediately directed myself to their site. Evans is hit or miss in my opinion but I searched their sale pages for the top 6 pieces I thought would be worth adding to that shopping bag! Here are my top 6 picks that will lead you into spring... Enjoy Plus Size Divas.... Enjoy!
PFW: Louis Vuitton
PFW: Louis Vuitton

I always play the dinner game with some of my fashionista friends; you know "Who would you invite to dinner if you could only invite 5 people" game? Although I have to admit I always change the rules.. people can be living, deceased, you can have a dinner party of 5 and then the next time we play its a banquet of 50! In any event, every time I play; the amazing and always impressive Marc Jacobs makes it on my list (isn't he lucky LOL). I imagine how I would discuss his collections, his eye for evolution in the industry, his ability to shock & awe, his attention to detail and of course- well, just how fun he seems! Since I am not Charlie Sheen crazy and know my concept of this fab & glam dinner is just a dream, I can only do what I do best and spread the fabulousness that is Mr. Jacobs with my review of the Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 RTW collection...

Warning: This collection may have you drinking wine and lacing up your over the knee boots...

Full Figured Swim; Monif C. 2011 Swim Collection

I stumbled upon the contemporary, on-trend plus size designer, Monif C., a few years back but it wasn't until I started writing for the examiner & founded Little Lime Dress that I kept such a close eye on the designer and her collections.

Those of you who know me know I am always looking for the hottest trends in plus size fashion, and credit myself for putting together some pretty fabulous full figured looks but, while I would love to, I can't take all the credit for that creativity.. I must give credit where credit is due, to the designers who inspire me. Monif C. has always been one of those designers that catch my eye. Yes, her "convertible dress" is her staple piece but when you lift the curtain and look further into this designer's studio in Manhattan (a place where I have been lucky enough to shop a few times) you find some really interesting and exciting designs for the plus size woman. I have reviewed Monif before, covering everything from outerwear to swim but today's review is fueled with MAJOR excitement!

This morning her email blast was the first I opened, I couldn't wait to see what Monif had in store for on-trend plus size swimwear and, as I expected, she delivered!

I don't even want to type anymore... see below for the fierce & fab pieces from her swim 2011 collection. Thanks Monif!

PFW: Viktor & Rolf
Every now and then I try to review a designer and/or collection that I may not have been previously drawn to. For starters, it is always good to expand my knowledge and with that I love sharing news about every collection or designer to you all, so why not? Viktor & Rolf are notorious for their tailoring and this years Fall 2011 RTW collection confirmed that. While most of their pieces were structured and bordered unwearable by the everyday lady, I was impressed by the architecture and structure with this collection as opposed to the colors, patterns, and textures with previous collections I have reviewed. I mean, yes, the only people who can pull off the ruffled high shoulder trench is probably Bryan Boy & Anna Dello Russo, but you can't help but be impressed by the need to shock & awe every season. These designers fight tooth & nail for their creativity to be recognized and while their pieces may not be the most original, they certainly get a thumbs up from me for trying...

Plus.. who wouldn't rock a winter white look or a black & red sheath?

The collection wasn't my favorite but it certainly impressed me enough to write about it... what did you think?? ... ##
PFW: Balenciaga
PFW: Balenciaga

A giant leap from Spring 2011 RTW, Nicolas Ghesquière stepped away from the masculine/feminine story of this past collection and moved toward feminine story built with florals, paneling, fishnet overlay and ladylike structure. Starting the show with a floral ensemble topped with a knit jacket that had me smiling from ear to ear. The look was different in that not only was it wearable (a vast difference from the Spring wet-look geometric jackets) but also sexy in a subtle way. Strong jackets, elegant patchwork, simple structure and pops of colors was sent down the runway and as I sifted through the images (wishing I was w/ my dear friend Katelyn at the show), I couldn't help but fall in love with Nicolas Ghesquière's work all over again. Perhaps I wouldn't wear the oversized jacket w/ the perfectly tailored slim fit pants, but I sure as heck would rock it with a mini and killer heels! Speaking of heels, this show proved to be impressive in everything from the bags to the shoes; with detailing at every corner. Will we continue to see a more feminine inspired collection from the house of Balenciaga? Only time will tell but for now I am happy with what we have... especially if what we have is hot pink w/ fishnet overlay!!


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